Bill of Particulars
         Making America Insignificant
President Obama’s actions and refusals to act reveal he personally intends to make America into an insignificant
nation in the world. Making America insignificant is another tentacle of his fundamental transformation.

President Obama declares his message of American insignificance in many ways including his repeated apologies to
foreign nations, military retreats, refusing to take decisive action on behalf of America, “leading from behind”,
premature Iraqi pullout, Syrian “red line” retreat, Benghazi deception, refusal to act to defend against the rise of
Islamic terrorism, constantly deferring to an imaginary “international coalition” in matters that call for defending
America, and a long list of other actions.

Apologists attempt to absolve Obama of his actions that take America toward insignificance by saying, "He just
doesn't understand", or, "He doesn't see the consequences," or, "He is inexperienced", or, "He just doesn't learn", or,
"He is disengaged as President."

Obama does perfectly "understand." He does see the "consequences." He is totally "engaged."
He is expertly achieving exactly what he intends to do. Obama’s goal is to make America insignificant.

A weakened America becoming subjugated to other nations is what Obama wants. But no one elected Obama on a
campaign of "Making America Insignificant."

Obama's "fundamental transformation" to insignificance puts We The People in danger.
It puts the safety, security and very existence of the nation at risk. That is what Obama wants.

This is a fundamental and intentional refusal to abide by the Presidential Oath of Office to “protect and defend the
Constitution” and the nation and citizens of America.

President Barack Hussein Obama has taken many, many actions step by step toward achieving his intent to make
American insignificant.

President Barack Obama intentionally reducing America into insignificant is a cause of a Moral
Imperative for Presidential Removal.

          Bill of Particulars
          Refuses To Defend From Islamic Attack
Islam has declared War against America. President Barack Hussein Obama sides with the Islamic attackers and
refuses to defend America.

Every few dozen decades Islam rises up and launches a new crusade to conquer more of the world for Allah.
Muslims declared War on America the first time in 1801 when our nation was less than 20 years old. Barbary pirates
from the Muslim Ottoman Empire Caliphate seized American ships and sailors off the coast of Tripoli, Libya, and
demanded tribute. President Thomas Jefferson employed the US Navy in 1805 to defeat this first Islamic attack on

A new Islamic War has been launched against America that began with 9-11 in 2001 and continues through the
verbal declaration of war that Islamic ISIS fighters made against America in Syria/Iraq in 2014.

This new Islamic War has brought the crusade for Allah inside our American homeland with the Muslim Twin Towers
attack, with the Ft. Hood Army Base Muslim mass murder, with the Boston Marathon Muslim bombing, with the
Missouri Muslim beheading of a co-worker, with hundreds of Muslim mosques built in cities throughout America, with
Muslims elected to Congress and with a President who now bears a Muslim name: Barack (Savior) Hussein
(Grandson of Prophet Mohammed) Obama.

President Barack Obama, unlike President Jefferson, refuses to defend America against the Islamic War declared
upon our nation, our culture, and upon our citizens. Indeed he uses the office of President to promote Islam in our
government, in our military, and in our culture. He elevates Islam and the Muslim religion by calling the Islamic daily
call to prayer, “the sweetest sound on earth.” He denigrates Christianity in America by declaring “We are not a
Christian nation” despite our Christian founding documents, our history and culture.

President Obama makes the U.S. military and all levels of his government stop calling Islamic attackers what they
worker and for an Islamic terrorist in the US Army killing 13 soldiers and wounding more. He is silent and does not
defend America when Islamic terrorist brothers bomb and kill Marathon runners in Boston.

Citizens! You know of many, many more cases in which President Barack Obama has refused to counter or condemn
Muslim actions when even the slightest regard for America would have required countering or condemnation.

President Barack Hussein Obama will not defend America from Islamic terrorists as President Thomas Jefferson did
in 1805. This is another tentacle of Obama “fundamentally transforming” America. He is “transforming” America into a
nation that is no longer America.

Refusing to defend America from the Islamic War against us and using the Presidency and the government to side
with Islam against America reveals Barack Obama’s heart is with Islam, not America.

President Barack Obama favoring Islam over our America he was elected to lead is a cause of a Moral
Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

           Bill of Particulars
    Uses Government To Attack Citizens
President Obama used the government to favor and protect illegal aliens he brought into the country. Yet, he uses
his government to attack American citizens. Treachery!

It is the very heart of being an American citizen, the very core of what we value about our country, embedded deep
within our daily functioning, that our government, our President, protects and defends American Citizen rights of life,
liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It is in our very core that our government and President want these rights for us as
much as we want them for ourselves.

But President Barack Obama violates this fundamental connection between citizen's rights and the government
protecting citizens and our rights. Instead, he uses the government to attack American citizens. Treachery!

President Obama uses the fearsome and powerful IRS tax branch of his government to attack American citizens who
oppose him. He attacks the organizations they form to oppose him. He attacks and injures the citizens and their
organizations financially, emotionally, politically because they hold core American values that are counter to his own
beliefs. President Obama uses the federal government to attack Citizens who value America and hold fundamental
American values.

Citizens! You know of still more ways President Barack Obama uses his government agencies to attack citizens and
even private businesses that oppose him.

President Barack Obama using the government to attack citizens that oppose him is a cause of a Moral
Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

          Bill of Particulars
    Planned Economic Decline
Obama’s “fundamental transformation” has yet another tentacle, an economic tentacle that is intended to squeeze
the prosperity and personal freedom from our way of life. He works to replace our free economy and the personal
freedoms it provides with a government economy that encourages, even requires, Citizens to be dependent on the
government and under government control. We see this in Obamacare. We see it in millions of persons placed on
Government Disability payments. We see it in Food Stamps distributed to burgeoning millions whether deserving or
not. We see it in massive government interference with efficient and effective private economic decision making.

We see the consequences in tens of millions not working and thus causing the highest number of persons not
working in decades. We see it in wages that are stagnant and falling to levels of years ago. We see the decline in
jobs disappearing except in the government, in personal opportunity declining and in many other ways.

The economic decline is what Obama wants. It makes dependence on the government more likely. But, when
economic freedom is taken away personal freedom disappears with it. Obama wants personal freedom taken away.

President Barack Obama intends to force us to become no longer a land of freedom and individual opportunity but a
land of subjects whose lives are ordered and controlled by an all powerful central government in Washington DC and
the elite few within the government.

Obama is working through the economic tentacle to force America into a Progressive(ly) socialist nation. America is
the last major nation that is not socialist. America is the last, biggest, hold out. The lone survivor. America must be
brought in line with the rest of the world for President Obama, the American Progressives, and the World Wide
Progressive socialists to believe they are moving toward their Utopian World of freedom from want.

Barack Obama did not promise a socialist nation in his Presidential campaigning.
Nobody elected him on a campaign of making America into a Progressive(ly) socialist nation.

Obama transforming America into a socialist nation that destroys economic and personal freedom is a
cause of a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

           Bill of Particulars
    Intentionally Harms America
President Barack Hussein Obama would call his actions “transforming America.”
Citizens! Be not deceived.

We The People must see what is there and understand what we see. We must evaluate and see when harm is being
done. We must see present harm and harm arising in a near future from his actions and inactions. We The People,
the 20% people of conscience and logic, do clearly see.

From the brief listing in this Bill of Particulars, we can see and conclude that President Barack Obama is working to
intentionally harm the nation he was democratically elected to lead.

We can see and conclude that along with his own method of ruling by deception he has set a behavior of deception
that is passed down from the top to all his government agencies. He has made deception the rule for behavior
through the entire Washington government. Rule by deception causes great harm to We The People, to our belief in
America and to the goodness of our nation.

This We the People, the 20% of conscience and logic, know concerning President Obama:
His intent is to transform America into some other nation that is not Constitutional America.
His intent is to make America an insignificant nation among nations of the world.
His intent is to not protect and defend America and American Citizens.
His intent is to harm America.

President Obama intentionally harming America is a cause of a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal
by Citizens.

           Bill of Particulars
        Will Continue to Harm
President Barack Hussein Obama will continue to attack and harm the nation he was democratically elected to lead.
He will continue to govern by deceiving We The People.
He will continue to declare law at his whim by executive
He will continue to “by-pass” Congress and destroy representative government.
He will continue to flagrantly ignore and disobey the Constitution.
He will continue to make our borders meaningless and destroy American nationhood.
He will continue to elevate Islam over America.
He will continue to have his IRS and government agencies attack the people that oppose him.
He will continue to piece by piece dismantle America the land of the free.
He will continue to deceive and destroy until he is forcibly stopped.

President Barack Hussein Obama continuing to harm America is a cause of a Moral Imperative for
Presidential Removal by Citizens.