A New Time
Citizens! Ponder Yee this. Has a time come to America that has never come before? Has a time come in which the
President through his actions has created a Moral Imperative for his own Removal by Citizens?

       Bill of Particulars
     A Deceiver President
President Lincoln was assassinated but he did not deceive We The People and there was no Moral Imperative for

President Barack Hussein Obama is a deceiver and governs through deceiving We The People.
Does his rule by deception create a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens?

Lincoln was honest as he campaigned for President about what he would do when elected even though what he
campaigned for would bring great strife and change to the nation.

Lincoln campaigned on the promise that he would not allow any of the territories in the West to come into the United
States as states that allowed slavery. The Territories of Missouri and Kansas both wanted to become states.
Sentiments were often blurred and confusing but on balance Missourians wanted to allow slavery. Kansans did not.

By 1854 white citizens of the two territories were conducting guerilla raids and killing each other. Truly, the "civil war"
of 1861 began in the Missouri and Kansas territories by 1854 with whites killing whites over having slavery or not.

Lincoln did not deceive the voters during his Presidential campaign. He was completely open about what he would do
if elected in 1860. His intention to combat slavery was well understood through his campaign to not allow any new
slave states. It was so well understood that once Lincoln won, Southern states began withdrawing from the Union
even before he was inaugurated. The election was in November with inauguration in March. During those months,
President Buchannan did nothing even though states were leaving the United States and creating the Confederate

Once in office Lincoln could have looked at the crisis of the country literally coming apart and tried to cover up his
own role in the dissolution by declaring,
"It's Buchannan's fault."
He did not. There was no deception by Lincoln that would create a Moral Imperative for his eventual assassination.

          Obama vs Lincoln
In his campaigning for President, Lincoln did not deceive We The People.
Barack Obama did. Consciously. Intentionally. Continually.

In his 2008 campaigning, Obama actively, forcefully and successfully did deceive We The People. He campaigned on
an appealing feel good, but meaningless, phrase of "Hope and Change." He used the phrase to keep hidden his true
intentions of what he would do.

Once elected and shortly before inauguration day, Obama infamously screamed through an anger twisted
countenance, "The fundamental transformation of America begins in five days."
In making that proclamation he brazenly revealed that he had been deceiving We The People during his
campaigning. He revealed that what he intended once he got into office was not “Hope and Change” but
“Fundamental Transformation” of the nation.

Nobody voted for Obama on a campaign of "fundamental transformation."
Nobody heard of "fundamental transformation" until the election was over.
Obama had not told We The People his true intent. He fundamentally deceived us.

And, even after Obama was in office, he did not reveal what he meant by "fundamental transformation."

We Citizens began to understand what he meant as we gradually became aware of his actions. He continued to
deceive. One enormous deception slowly became evident as the nation's private healthcare was being dismantled
and replaced with the government dominated healthcare act. Obama declared over and over, "If you like your doctor,
you can keep your doctor." That was a lie. It was not a “misunderstanding.” Not a “misstatement.” Not a
“misinterpretation.” It was a lie. It was Obama’s deception repeated over and over.

Citizens! You know many, many more Obama deceptions.

Obama continues to deceive and deceiving We The People is his means of governing.
Barack Hussein Obama is a Deceiver President.

President Barack Obama governing by deception as the Deceiver President is a cause of a Moral
Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

          Bill of Particulars
    Becoming Supreme Ruler
In the sixth year of his time in office, with two years yet remaining, President Barack Hussein Obama took his most
damaging action to “fundamentally transform” America. He began transforming himself into a Supreme Ruler. He
began making his own law.

President Obama twisted the legal mechanism of Presidential Executive
Action to declare law on his own. Executive
Action and "executive order" is legally and correctly provided to a President to implement existing law passed by
Congress. President Obama claimed “executive
action” to seize and implement the power to make his own law, by
himself, without representative government, without Congress.

President Barack Hussein Obama deceptively misused “executive
action” to create law that gave amnesty and
government benefits to millions of aliens in the country illegally. The public discussion focused on the terms of the
amnesty instead of on what President Obama had done. He had taken his first bold step in establishing himself, not
Congress, as the one who makes law in America. He made a first bold step to becoming Supreme Ruler Obama.

President Obama is going down a path of great danger to America. It is not a new path. It is only new to us in
America. It is a well worn path. It is a path trod by a Mussolini, a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao. The steps along the way are
the same. Promise the people an enticing future. Become their government leader. Take control of making laws.
Make declarations that establish oneself as the Supreme Ruler. Make laws that control and subjugate the people.

President Obama is going down this path by replacing our government By The People with his own government By
Presidential Executive

Citizens! We know that history tells us that One who takes a first step down this path intends not just a step but a

A One who makes the law can make himself the Supreme Ruler. It worked for the Fuehrer. It worked for Stalin. It
worked for Chairman Mao. It will work for President Obama. He has taken a first step down the path to become like
them. A despot. A dictator. A Supreme Ruler.

President Barack Hussein Obama transforming himself into a Supreme Ruler creating law on his own is a
cause of a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

    Bill of Particulars
       Attacks Representative Government
President Barack Obama attacks the very core of our government For the People and By The People. He acts to
replace our self-rule through representative government with government by one man. Himself.

The bedrock of American self rule rests in the principle that laws For The People are passed by representatives
elected By The People.

President Obama makes clear he does not believe in our representative government.
President Obama declares that he will “by-pass” Congress with his own executive
President Obama declares repeatedly that he will create law on his own with executive
In so doing, he nullifies and threatens to destroy our basic American principle of representative government.

President Obama nullifing American representative government with his "executive actions" is a cause
for a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

          Bill of Particulars
       Disregards and Disobeys the Law
From the very beginning, President Barack Obama openly disregarded and disrespected federal law. In his first
election in 2008, two black men with clubs blocked the entrance to a polling location to intimidate white voters into
possibly not voting. President Obama, through his Department of Justice, dismissed the case against the two black
thugs although they had pled guilty.

A black President and his black Attorney General disregarded the law and disregarded protecting the civil rights and
voting rights of the white voters who were intimidated.
This was a flagrant disregard and disrespect for law and the rule of law by President Obama.

Years further into his presidency, Barack Obama continued to flagrantly disregard existing law by declaring that he
and his Department of Justice would not defend in court the existing Federal Defense of Marriage law. It declared
that marriage is legally recognized only between a male and female.

By refusing to defend the law, President Obama took sides against existing federal law.
This was again a flagrant personal disdain and disregard for the law and the rule of law.

And still later in his years in office, President Obama, as we have seen, forcefully declared he would use the
mechanism of executive
action to give rights by himself to millions of illegal immigrants already in the country and
perhaps to millions more to come. There is existing federal immigration law. There is existing law for achieving
citizenship. President Obama disregarded these laws and declared his own law for immigration by executive order.

A president is sworn to protect and defend the Constitution which means defending laws passed by Congress and
signed by a president. A president can work through Congress to create new law or to repeal existing law that he
believes is not appropriate. He is not free to disregard laws he does not like. Such disregard helps destroy the
bedrock rule of law that underlies our nation. He is not free to change existing law by his own executive

Citizens! You know of many more cases of President Barack Obama disregarding existing federal law and practicing
disdain for law that he is sworn to uphold and is legally required to protect and defend.

President Barack Obama disregarding and dis-respecting federal law he is sworn to uphold is a cause of
a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

          Bill of Particulars
    Nullifying American Border
President Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America has many tentacles reaching into our government
and culture. One is government by deception. Another tentacle attacks our border and American nationhood.

President Barack Hussein Obama on his own temporarily abolished part of America’s border with Mexico in the
summer of 2014.

Tens of thousands of non-Americans from South American countries were intentionally gathered on the Mexican side
of the border for the purpose of flooding illegally into America. President Barack Hussein Obama created a
temporary “hole in the border” to bring the illegal masses into the country.

President Obama employed his executive control of the government agencies Home Land Security and the Border
Patrol to temporarily remove enforcement of the American border. American law and border enforcement personnel
were physically withdrawn from the front lines. They were relocated several miles inland and held back from the
border. The withdrawal opened a “hole” in the border that was temporarily undefended. The American border was
temporarily abolished. In the geographic area of Obama’s “border hole” American immigration law was abolished.
American law did not exist. American sovereignty was abolished. Tens of thousands of illegal alien invaders poured

President Obama did not seek the advice, consent, and approval of the elected Congress to temporarily abolish part
of the border. He did not go to the Presidential pulpit to advise We The People and get public approval and support.
No. He temporarily eliminated part of the border dictatorially on his own.

There is no greater threat to the existence of the nation than a President who on his own will abolish the nation’s
     The Precedent
President Obama has established a precedent, a first step, that could be invoked to do away with much or all of the
American border. His 2014 action established a clear precedent for a President, perhaps even President Obama
himself, to declare our border with Mexico to be meaningless, non-existent, and abolished. And he made a precedent
to abolish the border with no discussion, with no reason given, without approval from Congress, without consent and
approval from We The People.

A nation is defined by its borders. While a nation is many things, without borders there is no nation. Without a border
there is only a geographic area with people living in it like the Native American tribes living in the land before the land
became America.

Obama’s “hole in the border” in Texas in 2014 sets a precedent for one day eliminating all of the American border
with Mexico. Obama has set a precedent for declaring “open borders” which means no border. No border. No nation.
No America.

President Obama nullifying part of America’s border even temporarily is a cause of a Moral Imperative for
Presidential Removal by Citizens.

President Obama creating a precedent for “no American borders” is a cause of a Moral Imperative for
Presidential Removal by Citizens.

           Bill of Particulars
             Illegal Alien Flood
President Barack Obama flooded tens of thousands of illegal alien invaders into our country in 2014. The population
flood is another tentacle of fundamental transformation. Through it President Obama seeks to cause our culture to
be so divided that our nation is made weak.

The tsunami of thousands of illegals arriving on our border from South America was not spontaneous. It was caused.

President Barack Obama and his government created the tsunami. President Obama’s government recruited the
thousands of unaccompanied children, single mothers with small children, MS 13 gang members, and countless
teenagers by planting news stories in their home countries in South America that they would all be welcomed into
America. All they had to do was arrive. When they did, President Obama created the “border hole” that temporarily
abolished the border for the mass of illegals to pour into the country.

It quickly became clear that the surge of illegal aliens to the American border and the invasion across it were
orchestrated and pre-planned. Reports revealed that the Obama government let contracts in January 2014 to
transport and house the illegals. That was 6 months before the “surprise” wave of illegals arrived at the border in

Further reports revealed that once inside America, federal government money and resources were employed to
transport the illegals to pre-determined cities throughout the country and care for them in government provided
housing. Where they were being sent was kept secret. Governors and Mayors did not know that illegals were being
sent to their states and cities until the busloads arrived.

Citizens! We must clearly see what happened and understand what we see.
In warfare, and with President Obama and his government, the attackers do not tell you their intent and their goal.
You must figure it out by what you see.

We clearly see that President Obama and his government quietly brought tens of thousands of illegal aliens to our
border then temporarily abolished part of the border to bring them into America.

Citizens! What are we to understand about President Obama’s actions?
What are we to understand about President Obama’s intent for the near future?

We are logically justified in understanding that the 2014 alien surge and “border hole” were done to attack the
meaning of our border and to plant a mass of illegal aliens in our country.

We are justified in understanding that the “border hole” and the alien surge were further done to set a precedent for
a bigger “border hole” and bigger illegal alien invasion in the future.

In the days after his “border hole”, President Obama often spoke of bringing millions more illegals into the country.
He spoke of doing so on his own by executive
action without Congress, without consent of We The People. He spoke
of giving future illegals amnesty and perhaps even citizenship. On his own. Without Congress. Without representative
government. And then he began doing so.

Illegal aliens, even if granted “amnesty” by the stroke of Obama’s pen, do not share American values, beliefs and the
behaviors that make up the American culture. It is our culture that binds us together as a nation.

We are justified in understanding that President Obama may intend to build on his 2014 illegal alien surge and
border hole to flood millions of non-citizens into the country.

We are justified in understanding that President Obama may intend an illegal alien invasion so large that the tsunami
of non-citizens will challenge and negate the values and beliefs and culture that make us the American nation.

We are justified in understanding that Obama’s intent may be to use a population invasion to “fundamentally
transform” America into a nation that is no longer America. No longer strong. No longer significant among nations. No
longer prosperous. No longer secure. No longer the land of We The People free from government domination.

President Barack Obama flooding tens of thousands of illegal alien invaders into our country is a cause
for a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.

President Barack Obama disregarding existing law and acting on his own to flood illegals into our
country is a cause for a Moral Imperative for Presidential Removal by Citizens.