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Fiction Foretelling Fact
America Down: President Evil
The Novel
"America Down: President Evil"
foretells a President and Washington
Government that attack America to
level the country into insignificance.

President Robert Evil quietly takes
over Government of the People, then
uses the MAD Men, to savage Family,
Christianity, Education, Media and the
traditional beliefs that bind the people
into a nation.
The Washington government foments an Illegal Alien Tsunami to create
a diversity that divides. When the border is abolished, an illegal alien war
breaks out that threatens the very existence of the country. But, "Old
Timers" who treasure America arise in a Citizens Resistance and strive
to keep the nation from being destroyed through cultural annihilation.

Richard David's insightful and encompassing novel unveils a near future
that will alarm some, disquiet others, but will entertain and educate
Readers Say:
America Down: President Evil

"Captivating."  "Brilliant." "It's very well done." "I spent my
vacation day reading it all the way through."
Charles Heller. Interviewer. LibertyWatchRadio.com

"It's a page turner."  "It seems to tell what's actually
happening now."
Jerry. Engineering Executive. Retired.

"It flows. This is only the second time I've read a novel all
the way to the end."
William. Former New York State Police.
Richard David is a former
journalist and broadcaster.
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