"Richard David's insightful and
encompassing novel unveils a near
future that will alarm some, disquiet
others, but will entertain and
educate everyone."
"Captivating."  "Brilliant." "It's very well done."
Charles. Host.  LibertyWatchRadio.com

"It's a page turner."  "It seems to tell what's
actually happening now."
Jerry. Engineering Executive. Retired.

"It flows."
William. Former New York State Police.
Author Richard David is a
former Chicago journalist.
America Down: President Evil
The President's irrational compulsion to   
reduce the nation into insignificance threatens
America's very existence.

He directs millions of illegal alien invaders to    
crash the borders. Once in place, the President
colludes with the President of Mexico  to launch
an Illegal Alien War in the sanctuary cities.

The Washington Government attacks America
instead of protecting and defending it.

Everything that makes the American people
strong must  be torn down. Churches are
demolished. Marriage and family are redefined
out of existence.

Only Citizens rising up can save the country.

"America Down: President Evil" foretells the
surreptitious steps toward  destroying the
nation and reveals how each is launched and
carried out.